Prolong Your Vehicle’s Lifespan


Maintaining your family vehicle can be something that easily slips through the cracks of day to day life.  Then comes the day you are ready to pack the kids in the family van for a holiday road trip and you realize you are 2000 kilometers overdue for an oil change.  Images of the engine cutting out in the middle of the trip and you and your family being stranded in the middle of nowhere come to mind. Having a car that you are confident will be a reliable source of transportation can free the mind of unnecessary stress. Below are a few maintenance and service tips to ensure you get the longest life out of your vehicle:

  • Change your oil regularly. This may be the single most important thing to remember to maintain your vehicle’s engine.  This is also the easiest thing to forget to do.  Mark your calendar!
  • Use synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is much better for your engine and you do not have to change your oil as frequently.  You pay a bit more on the front end but the long term savings far outweigh the upfront cost.
  • Visit a trusted mechanic for regular tune-ups and maintenance. This seems like common sense but many car owners rarely take their car in for a check-up.

Renting For Long Drives

Long holiday road trips can really put the kilometres on a vehicle and effect the lifetime of the vehicle.  If you are planning a road trip to Sydney, find a cheap car rental in Perth and be on your way.  You will save many kilometres on your engine and prolong the lifetime of your vehicle.  Renting a car can also be a great way to test out another style of vehicle that you may want to buy in the future.  If you want to spend a little more you can even rent something more luxurious than what you own and really vacation in style and comfort.

Benefits Of Regular Maintenance

Taking good care of your vehicle and having it serviced regularly have many advantages.  When the day comes that you are ready to get behind a new set of wheels you can be sure that your car will have a high resale value.  However, keeping your car in good condition holds more than just monetary value.  Here are a few of the many benefits of keeping your wheels in tip top shape:

  • Money cannot buy the sense of comfort you feel when you are confident that your vehicle is not going to break down in the middle of nowhere. A good, reliable car provides a sense of safety and sets the mind at ease on long trips or night drives.
  • The trade-in or resale value of a car that has been maintained properly over its lifetime will be far higher than the same car that has been neglected.
  • If you use your car for business, you need to maintain it well. Having a clean, properly maintained ride can impress your clients and speak volumes about how you conduct business.

Increase the lifetime of your vehicle by following some of the tips above.  Get the most value from your vehicle!

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