Spotting Out 5 Best Reasons To Avoid Turning Car Seat Around!


As people are used to enjoy a number of relishing luxuries that are meant for their baby and then ultimately for themselves too, the laws has been changing with the change in time. This change has been seen in the field of car safety too. As we all know, there are different types of car seats available for the children belonging to different age group, right from infant to toddler, there are also some of the precautionary measures to use them.

With the rising trend in the usage of car seats, it has been observed that the parents are now overlooking the safety of their child and compromising with their safety just for little convenience. The experts even say that parents usually argue with them when they recommend their children must remain rear facing until their second birthdays, or even much longer. So, let’s have a brief look out on some of the best reasons that simply negates the need of turning the car seats around:

Reason #1: Due to too long legs, the child seems to be unsafe and uncomfortable!

According to the experts, the kids are spongy and soft. Also, as they have flexible ligaments and joints they are more comfortable in folding up their body parts, especially legs in all sorts of ways which adults can’t. Even some of the car seats like the maxi cosi baby car seats are designed in such a way that it give an extra space to sit in the car even if the child have long legs. In case of serious accidents, if the child is not rear-faced it can affect his spine which is not as easy to fix as compared to the legs.

Reason #2: All other children have turned around!

Expert say- you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing! This is not a right practice to follow each and every thing of the similar aged parents. Instead, you must look this as an opportunity to educate your friends the right way and make them aware of the risks. Just make sure you are doing what it is right for your child to be done.

Reason #3: Due to carsickness, the child cries a lot!

Experts say simply in two words- “Kids Cry!” They have that nature of crying till they are grown up little-bit and so parents need to find out different ways to cheer up their child. Lookout for options like adjusting the car seat to a level that the child can view out of the window just to entertain himself or giving him something to play with so that he remains engaged with it throughout the journey. This will keep your child happy and even later you can opt for long car trips.

Reason #4: Pediatrician has given green signals to it!

Experts think this as the dumbest reason which is really not a good reason. It is obvious that parents rely on their pediatricians for the best degree of information and advice, but the fact is not all the pediatricians are aware of the child safety. It is better that you consult two or three pediatrician and then come to a firm conclusion of what actually to do or to buy.

Reason #5: The car is too small and it even touches the front seats!

Experts generally would agree with the fact that it’s not safe for the car seats to touch the back of the driver or the passenger’s front seat. As a result, parents need to research a lot in the market to choose the most compatible car seat for their baby. Undoubtedly, this will take some time and a quality of hard work in searching the perfect car seat for your baby, but as you will find it you will get an utmost sense of relaxation of keeping your baby safe even against all the odds that you have conquered.

Finally, it could be suggested that you must avoid turning the baby car seat around which is perfect baby safety tip for the parents.

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