Questions to Ask Your Macclesfield Body Shop


Men and women across the country bring their vehicles in for body work for a multitude of reasons. Chief among these are accidents, whether their fault or the other driver’s. Perhaps you spent a long day at work only to find out you were the victim of a hit and run. Now half of your front bumper is touching the ground and you still need to get home for supper. Fortunately, your insurance has you covered, but you also need to make the right choice of body shop to get your car ready to go again.

There are more than a few questions you should ask, but some are more pressing than others. Be sure to learn as much about your local Macclesfield body shop as you can. Online reviews are a helpful resource, but remember to take these with a grain of salt. After all, some individuals might leave negative reviews for reasons other than the quality of their service.

Ask About Warranties

Macclesfield car body repairs should always come warrantied for a certain amount of time or for a certain number of kilometres, depending on the part and the work done. Be sure to ask not only how long the warranty will last but also what it will cover. You do not want to find yourself in another unhappy situation without help.

Loaners and Rentals

If the work done on your car will take several days or even just most of one day, you still need to get around somehow. Ask your body shop if they have rental cars on their lot or if they provide loaner vehicles. In the event of a car accident, the responsible party’s insurance should cover the cost of such an arrangement. It is not a bad thing if they do not have these on site, but it is important to ask so that you can make the proper arrangements before you turn your car over for repair. No matter your circumstances, you deserve nothing but the very best care.

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