The Formula One Championship Is Heating Up


As we get nearer to the October 1st deadline for the Malaysia Grand Prix, the 2016 Formula One championship is really heating up nicely. It is all to race for, and with only a few races left to go, a lot could be decided in the next short few weeks.

4 Races In a 5 Weekend Span:

In somewhat of an anomaly of the racing calendar, there will be 4 races over a 5 weekend period coming up soon. So that means the month of October will see the Malaysian GP first on Sunday October the first, and the last being held in Mexico on the 20th of October. This does not usually happen, but F1 managed to do the same back in July when the Austrian, British, Hungarian & German races all fell in the same month. Of course, this is nothing but good news for race fans. The only issue being that the racing will be pretty taxing on fans looking to watch live, as the different time zones for each of the races will prove challenging, to say the least. For example, the Malaysia GP starts at 8am, and the Mexican one at 7PM (British time) – that is some contrast!

It Will Be All To Race For:

Once the October onslaught of racing has passed us by, there will be only 2 races remaining in the season – the Brazilian GP on November the 13th and finishing with the Abu Dhabi race on the 27th of November. Odds on Favourite Lewis Hamilton according to the British bookmaker William Hill – may have things finalised before this, but there is always a change that Nico Rosberg will experience success – after all, he is 8 points ahead of his Mercedes team mate Hamilton as it stands.

Team Standings – Already Decided (More or Less):

With Nico Rosberg & Lewis Hamilton in first and second places respectively, the team standings look to be already decided at this stage. Mercedes have a points total of 538 at the moment, with the nearest challenger being the Red Bull team, a full 222 points behind at 316 points total. Ferrari are chomping at their heels however, at a total of 301 points, so the second place is still all to fight for there yet.

Hamilton’s Chances – With 6 to Go:

Lewis Hamilton is a 3 time world champion and with 6 races remaining on the calendar, it is all to play for. But he trails his team mate Nico Rosberg, who emerged from the summer break to score three consecutive wins on the trot. This lead to a huge 27 point swing in the standings, and it seems that Hamilton has been stunned somewhat by these developments. Both are fiercely competitive, and no matter which driver wins, the real winners here will be the manufacturer, Mercedes, and the fans watching what promises to be an epic ending to an already epic 2016 season of racing. It will be interesting to see the standings after this weekend is finished!

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