Reasons to Change Semi-Automatic Transmission Fluid


There are mainly two types of transmissions available in the market such as manual transmission and automatic transmission. As the name suggests that manual transmission works manually and on the other hand, automatic transmissions work automatically. This is not an easy solution for your car related problems as you need to know about the different kinds of automatic transmissions also. Automatic transmissions are available as fully automatic, semi-automatic and continuously variable transmission (CVT). If your car has semi-automatic transmission then you need to be very cautious about the component of the transmission, because this type of transmission can create recurrent problems that can be fixed by professional transmission specialists.

What is semi-automatic transmission system?

Semi-automatic transmission is a hybrid system between fully automatic and manual transmission systems. The automatic transmission system is clutch-less and has automatic gear changing facility, but semi-automatic transmission does not have this feature. Mainly this transmission is used in the sports and high speed cars where you need to change the gear manually. The semi-automatic transmission has electronic sensors, processors and pneumatics which can allow you to change the gear at the initial stage, and the drive will access the indicator of the transmission system afterwards. Most people like to get semi-automatic transmission because of the smooth driving experience as well as speed driving facility.

When do you need the transmission servicing?

Like other parts of your car, transmission also needs to be checked on a regular basis and you need to repair the transmission or replace the fluid as required. In this regards you can contact the transmission specialists, and they will look into this matter seriously. When you deal with semi-automatic transmission systems, then you need to check the fluid level, repair the leakage and filter of the transmission with help from automatic transmission specialists only.

  • Transmission needs to be checked on a regular basis because due to recurrent use and heavy gear friction, huge amount of debris gets deposited inside the transmission tank and the fluid becomes dark in color.
  • It is very dangerous because if you run a car which has contaminated transmission fluid it can burn your car suddenly. It can also make your gear slippery leading to sudden break down on the road. To avoid this issue, you need to change the transmission fluid and contact transmission specialists in this field.
  • Transmission fluid works as a lubricant for your car and it helps you to get a smooth driving experience. If you have less transmission fluid level in your car then it can create a lot of sound, in turn damaging your gear box and coolant system simultaneously. You will find your engine and car seats becoming hot suddenly, stalling your car on the road suddenly.
  • When you replace the transmission fluid, you need to check the viscosity of the fluid according to your car’s nature. When you use semi-automatic transmission, you may need to use branded and certified company fluid for your car that can be checked and repaired by transmission fluid specialists.

If you have only two degree increase in temperature, then you are already suffering from high fever and you need to visit the doctor for getting proper treatment. Similarly, your car needs the care of a specialist when it becomes heated because of transmission problem. If you run the car after washing it with plain water, then it will definitely get damaged and will stop working.

To avoid problems with semi-automatic transmissions it is advisable to get it serviced on a regular basis by a specialist.

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