Tips for Buying a Used Chevy Silverado


If you’re looking for a Greeley CO Used Chevy Silverado, you have many choices to choose from. It is helpful to learn all you can about the different model years of the Chevy Silverado and what kind of features and options you want on your used SUV. Here are some things to keep in mind when you look for a Greeley CO Used Chevy Silverado.

Pay Attention to the Generation

The Chevy Silverado has been around a long time. According to Wikipedia, Chevolet first introduced the Chevy Silverado in 1999. The first generation of the Chevy Silverado was built from 1999 to 2007. The second generation was built from 2007 to 2013. The third, and newest, generation is from 2014 until now. The first generation was split into light duty and heavy duty, making the Chevy Silverado appealing to both those who are looking for a truck that rides in comfort as well as someone looking for a truck with serious hauling and towing capability.

Decide What You Want to Do with Your Truck

The Chevy Silverado truck can be as refined as you would like or as tough as you need, depending on features. Do you need four wheel drive capability? It’s a good idea to have it when it snows in Colorado. Do you need extra cab room for family members or workers? You may have to decide on a double cab or even a crew cab. Do you need extra towing capabilities? You may need to have a dually, and certainly a bigger engine. You may even need to opt for the torque of a diesel engine.

Not all Chevy Silverado used trucks will fit the bill when it comes to what you need to do with it. The light duty trucks, such as the 1/2 ton pickups will do fine for urban use, but if you tow something heavy or demand serious hauling, a 3/4 ton or a one ton is your best bet.

What Kind of Engine are You Looking for?

More power from an engine equals more torque and more towing and carry ability, assuming that the rest of the truck was reinforced for such work. Chevolet offered many different engines for its Silverado trucks, so it’s important to understand where they do best and where they fail. You can break down the Silverado engines into three types: gasoline, diesel, and hybrid. Of the three, the diesel has the best towing capacity, but tends to be noisier and less comfortable to ride in. Gasoline powered engines do well in towing and hauling, but the mileage may be less than stellar. Lastly, the hybrid models try for fuel efficiency but do not have the torque that the other two engines have, and Chevolet purchased the hybrids back from the customers for more than what they paid for them. This is why it is exceedingly unlikely you will see a hybrid on the road.


The great thing about Chevy Silverados is that they can be as comfortable or as plain as you need them to be. Chevolet has produced more than 5 million Chevy Silverados with automatic transmissions and a scant number (less than 6000 units) with manual transmission. It is unlikely you will see a Chevy Silverado with a manual transmission, but don’t be surprised if you run across one. The third generation trucks have such features as USB ports, Bluetooth, and streaming stereo. These newer trucks often have touchscreen features as well.

Although one seldom thinks of comfort when talking about a truck, it’s important to know what features you need the most as make a list of them. That way, when you look for a truck, you can find the right one.

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