Steps Involved in a Regular Vehicle Inspection


As vehicle owners most people have experienced vehicle inspection events several times. But what comes as the worst part of this entire matter is that, you face troubles in your car after it has been delivered to you post an inspection and repair job. To avoid this scenario we were fortunately guided the proper way at the DeLand Hyundai dealer, in which they said we should know what and all steps are involved in a regular vehicle inspection, and that we should not settle for anything lesser before accepting the car back.

Check the Brakes

 Before you accept your back, the first thing to inspect in your car are the brakes. Brakes are the first priority elements that will keep you safe and even others on the road, when you are on the move. The simple ability of any moving vehicle to slow down and stop when required cannot be compromised under any circumstances. To test the brakes you need to stop the car from a about a minimum speed of 30mph, and more, like that of the highway speed. If the pedal feels like pulsing, do not take any risk but immediately go for a replacement.

Even the width of the brake pads too needs a serious checking. This can be done by removing a front wheel by using a compass in order to mark the starting and end point of the pad. If you find them to be lesser than 1/8 in. in thickness, they need immediate replacement.

Next comes the turn of emergency brake. Testing this involves driving up to the top of a slope, start the vehicle to roll down in neutral gear and then press down the emergency brakes. These brakes are used to suddenly stop and also to hold down the vehicle in a place. on the move, if the emergency brakes fail, you should immediately apply the regular brake.

Check the Interior

Apart from the upholstery in the interior, there are many other elements that needs a stern inspection to keep your drives safe and smooth. Start with the horn. This isn’t difficult as you can simply blow the horn to know if it is working correctly. The next important things to be on the checklist are the seatbelts that they are in good working condition.

Check on the Lights:

At the last lap of the vehicle inspection, the most important part to be checked out are the head and tail lights. You have to make sure that both off these lights are able to throw both high and low beams and are tightly held in place. Also check if the casing is intact, without any condensation forming inside it.

Do not forget to check the brake lights. To check this part two people are required as one of them needs to use the brakes while the other needs to alternatively park in front of any reflective surface using the mirrors to verify the result.

To get your next car inspection done, get in touch with any reputed dealership like the best Hyundai dealer serving DeLand.

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