Taking Full Motorcycle Training


If your goal is to become an expert and licensed motorcycle rider as quickly as possible, One Stop Instruction offers full motorcycle training. After you have participated in this training and passed the DAS exam, you are legally allowed to carry a passenger on your bike, as well as ride on the rods in and round London. There are some requirements for anyone interested in taking the course – you will need to already have a provisional or full EU or UK driving license and be aged at least 24. However if you have already had a full A2 for at least 24 months, that requirement then doesn’t apply to you.

You should already have taken the motorcycle basic training course before signing up for the full motorcycle training course, and you can sign up for the 1-2-1 session aimed at beginners if you haven’t ridden a motorcycle before. You will need to be tiding a bike that has a 40w output or higher, and is at least 595cc, in order to complete and pass the Direct Access Scheme test. You will be able to ride an automatic or a manual bike or scooter after you have ridden a manual machine in the test and have successfully passed.

Passing the motorcycle theory exam is also a requirement, before you sign up for the DAS motorcycle course, and you will need to hand in a certificate indicating you have passed this. You will also have to consider your previous motorcycle experience and your overall schedule to decide whether you should take the 2, 3 or 5 day course, all of which are held in the London area. Courses are held during the week, and also on the weekend, allowing you to take the course that is most convenient for you, especially if you have to fit the training in around work, studying or other commitments. There is a high rate of success for the beginner course, which takes place over 3 days.

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