The Best and Newest Features in Cars


Motor vehicles have come a long way since the release of the first private-use automobiles. Features like power windows that were once considered a luxury are now standard features in nearly every vehicle on the market today. Safety is the top focus behind many of the new features, but there’s certainly a demand for cutting edge technology, increased performance, and inventive new gadgets. One of the companies leading the way in new car technology is Cadillac.

Features in Cars

Stay Connected with OnStar

Long gone are the days where locking yourself out of your car is a major ordeal. With OnStar available on every Cadillac vehicle, a representative can remotely unlock your car for you in a matter of minutes. That’s not all they do. With the push of one button, the authorities can be notified if you need assistance in an uneasy situation, or emergency personnel can be sent your way immediately if you’ve been involved in an accident. If your airbags have been deployed, an employee will call you to offer assistance. Representatives can even track your car if it is stolen. Great technology like this is available for as little as $17 a month.

Turn-by-Turn Directions and Navigation

Are you lost or directionally challenged? Global Positioning Satellite Systems, better known as the GPS, put your mind at ease giving you the confidence in knowing that you will have a guide to get you to your destination safely and on time. The latest cars from Cadillac feature GPS navigation packed with features that pinpoint your location, give you step by step instructions visually on a screen and also in a spoken voice, detail popular venues along your route including gas stations, ATMs, shopping centers, and restaurants. These handy little gadgets integrate nicely with the rest of the car’s controls including radio and A/C controls for convenience as well as comfort.

In-Car Entertainment

The recent increase in demand for in-vehicle entertainment has led to the invention of many features that have brought driver comfort to new heights. Cadillac CTS and other vehicles come standard with touch screen displays, CD/DVD players, and advanced audio capabilities. Multi-functional steering wheels allow the driver to control their units without ever taking a hand off the wheel. Adapters for MP3 players are taken one step further, by allowing the driver to program their song choices directly into their unit. Technology has also allowed users to wirelessly connect their phone into their car audio system, allowing the user to send and receive calls at the push of a button.

With these latest advances in technology, Cadillac continues to lead the industry in automotive convenience, safety, and comfort. You can check out a new CTS, ATS, or DTS vehicle today by visiting the best Cadillac dealership in Greeley, CO or in your local area.

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