How to Qualify for a Car Loan with No Credit in Toronto, Canada


Do you need a car loan but don’t have credit to gain financing through traditional lenders? We can help; we finance everyone who earns $2,000 or more per month, regardless of their credit. You can have the car you want with payments you can afford.

Apply for Your New 2016 Car Loan

We do not require an SIN or any money down.
We approve 99% of Toronto, Canada applicants.

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How We Work

We look at your current situation to determine your eligibility. We only collect the information necessary to get you approved and we don’t share you information. No credit does not mean you have a bad credit; you still have:

  • Clean Credit
  • No Late Payments
  • No Debt

Don’t wait any longer, fill out our shortand secure application today.

Click this website if you’d like to know how to get financed for a car with no credit.

Get the car financing you deserve for keeping your credit clean. We can get you the best rate for you. You don’t have to be penalized, apply with us and get approved in 24 hours or less.

What We Can Do For You

Financing through us is simple, fast, and free. We get you approved before you get to the dealership giving you:

  • Bargaining Power
  • Ability to Avoid Upsales
  • Control of the Purchasing Process

Preparing for your purchase can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend at the dealership. The best part, by financing your car through us you are taking the first step to building your credit. It only takes a minute to fill out the application.


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