Top 10 Features Your Next Car Should Have

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Automobile manufacturers are giving each other tough competition and are on constantly on the lookout for ways to allure people to buy their four wheelers and increase the number of sales. Each model is turning out to be better than the last due to quality up gradation. Also, while you get a new car keep in mind that you need car insurance and there are various websites that allow you to compare auto insurance quotes and figure out which works best for you. Take a look at some of the features that have become popular and needs to be in your new car.

  • Global Positioning Satellite System, better known as GPS is mandatory for any car due to its assistance in helping you find addresses and pinpoint the exact location of a place. The GPS in your car should have a spoken voice and a small screen. GPS is your best friend when you are lost or searching for the nearest ATM.
  • Remote start and keyless entry system is perhaps the best new invention out there. It makes sure that you do not have to stand beside your car and insert a key to either open/lock the car. When you give it the appropriate signal, a radio transmitter joins itself to the ignition of the vehicle and locking system and performs its task.
  • The built in seat “memory” features lets you set up the seats the way you want it to. Also, if someone other than you is driving thanks to this feature, they can adjust the seat according to the preferences and neither of you will face inconvenience when the other drives. This can be combined with the climate control feature which includes both heating and air conditioning to give you the ultimate experience while driving.
  • Forward Collision warning helps to avoid accidents. Many a times, we become careless while driving and this particular feature detects obstacles that is in our way and wars us if we are going too fast.


  • The present day drivers find it convenient when they can connect their Smart phones and tablets to the car. Bluetooth connectivity and Wi Fi connection are really important her because the former allows you to talk without using your hands while the latter permits you to use internet even in the car.
  • When you have the voice control feature enabled yin your car, you can work together with the microphones and voice control software to convert your voice commands into input and direct your car according to your wishes. The instructions are varied and range from changing songs to make a phone call without using hands.
  • Automatic High Beams are your best friend when you are driving at night. A small camera identifies light sources from other vehicles that come in your way and when you are beyond a point, and supposedly out of danger, it switches its lights off.
  • You are using more than one gadget at a time and it is necessary for each of them to have a battery backup. So while you are in your car, you now have the option to charge almost all your devices at the same time, thanks to multiple power outlets in the center console.
  • Blind spot monitoring fills in the loopholes which the traditional mirrors of a car has. No matter how much you try, you will never be able to see the entire area with the small mirror in your car and blind spot monitoring helps you here by giving you feedbacks and warnings about impending danger.
  • In case you are excessively tall or shorter than the average man, you need special wheels and pedals. Keeping that in mind new cars today have introduced pedals and wheels which can be adjusted at will and free you from the unnecessary discomfort while driving your car.
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