The Importance Of Having a Certified Brake Meter in NZ


We have all heard about vehicle brakes, but how are they tested by mechanics when we get them checked for Warrant of Fitness?

A “brake meter” or more widely known as a “brake tester” is a device that ensures that breaking performance meets the required minimum vehicle specifications. At first, this interesting tool may seem like a simple gadget that could be left out and not thought about seriously, but in fact, it is an equipment of utmost importance for ensuring the safety of the passengers and the proper condition in which the vehicle should be kept.

The brake meter not only evaluates the braking force of the vehicle at every moment, but also measures the stopping distance in order to ensure safety and security. Every auto service should have one that must be checked and certified at least once a year.

In order to make sure that such an important part of your automobile is on point and in the best shape, you should put your trust into a specialised auto service company that could efficiently evaluate and find probable issues in the vehicle, if there are any at all. Certification of brake meters in New Zealand is mandatory and consequently, it is a task that should not be underestimated or skipped as an irrelevant process. Having a certified brake meter is not only a legal requirement, but also ensures that you will be safe and sound throughout your trips. Your life and the life of the people around you should always be the first priority when on the road. This is of utmost importance for the security of any driver, no matter the age or experience and apart from all legal reasons, getting your vehicle tested definitely is a job that you should get done properly and on time.

Getting a brake meter certified is neither prolonged nor costly task. They can be sent away through a courier and received back completely checked and certified within only 24 hours of the sending. It is as easy and simple as that. This will help ensure your safety on the road and of those around you.

In New Zealand, brake meters need to be calibrated to meet the LTSA Standards. Brands of brake meters available in New Zealand are Tapley, Bowmonk and Circuitlink and you can purchase Circuitlink Brake Checks here.

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