The Importance of MOT Testing


It is required by law that any motorist with a vehicle older than three years old in his or her possession must have MOT testing performed annually on the vehicle before it is legal to drive on the roads. That said, roughly 40% of vehicles put through MOT testing fail on the first attempt, often for relatively simple problems with inexpensive solutions available, and it is thus always in your best interest to contact a professional for a preliminary examination. This testing is done to ensure that no vehicles are creating excess damage to the environment, all motorists may expect relative safety on the roads, and you have a lowered risk of becoming caught in a collision due to a vehicle fault.

Improved Safety

  • Even improperly operating lights will potentially put you at higher risk of a collision on the road, especially during nights when visibility is limited due to a number of factors, which is why you need trusted MOT testing services in Plymouth each year.
  • Not only are these services designed to catch potentially dangerous issues with your vehicle but they provide you with critical peace of mind that may help you to operate your vehicle with higher confidence.

Avoid Penalties

A fine of up to £1,000 may be levied and you may see your vehicle impounded entirely if you fail to undergo MOT testing every single year without exception. This test is typically low to no cost if you take the time to make any necessary repairs before taking the test and you avoid a wide range of costly and frustrating issues by simply taking the MOT each year rather than putting it off. The only acceptable circumstance allowing you to drive with an expired certificate is if you have booked a test and are driving to that test.

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