Tips To Get Your Car To Use Less Gas


Gas prices seem to be raising everyday, and the option of cycling fifty miles to work everyday is appearing more and more appealing. Most people have been forced to wave a sad goodbye to family road trips and all other fun car-related activities, because they just cannot afford it. However, what if there was a way to get your car to use less fuel, without having to get a new expensive hybrid?

Well there is a way, and it is not too hard to make your car more fuel-efficient. Just follow these simple steps and you will be amazed at how much more you will be able to get from your car for less fuel.

  • Less aggressiveness please

It may feel fun and you may think you are getting to your destination faster by speeding, but not only is this dangerous and illegal; it greatly increases your fuel consumption thus, reducing your fuel economy.  Research has shown that most cars are at the peak of their fuel efficiency when being driven at 55 miles per hour.

Any faster and you begin to waste. A recent study on the Toyota Camry showed a speed increase up to 65mph from 55mph resulting in a drop in fuel economy by up to 5mpg (miles per gallon).

Rapid acceleration and sudden braking will also not do you much good. It can lower your fuel economy by up to 33%. Get your foot off the gas peddle and set your car on cruise control the next time you hit the freeway for a long journey; you will be surprised by how much fuel you will be able to save by just allowing your car to be.

  • Get some clean air in there

You might not have known this, but there is a very big connection between your air filter and your fuel economy.  The air filter is essentially designed to keep particles such as dirt and other materials from getting into the engine’s cylinders as they can cause massive havoc in there, resulting in lower engine performance.

Simply replacing a clogged filter and thus avoiding these particle problems has been proved to help you save on your gas mileage by 10%. Considering it would only cost you, about $20 to do yourself, this is an investment well worth your while.

  • Inflate your tires right

Having your tires inflated to the proper level should save you about 12 cents per gallon of fuel.  It is recommended that you do a check on your car’s tire pressure once every month at least.

Wait until your car has not been used for at least 1 hour and the tires are cool then check the tire pressure. You should find a sticker at the driver’s door, which will specify the correct pressure needed for your vehicle’s tires.

  • Oil matters

You need to get the right oil, not only to ensure your engine remains in tip top shape but also because using the specified oil in your engine can enhance your fuel efficiency by up to 3%.

Never use oil of a lower density than that which has been specified by the car manufacturers as this can damage the engine. You can find out the right type of oil to use by checking out the manual or the gas cap if the car is a newer model.

An oil change as frequently as specified by the manufacturer is also essential to keep things flowing smoothly, resulting into optimum engine performance and thus optimum fuel efficiency.

  • Shed off the extra weight

Stop wasting gas by hauling along unnecessary stuff in the trunk of your car.  Every extra 100 pounds that you carry, has been proven to reduce your fuel economy by up to 2%. Simply ease off the load, this includes anything being carried on the roof rack, you could save up to 8 cents on every gallon.

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