Top Car maintenance items those are often commonly overlooked


When it comes to car maintenance, it’s not a surprise that the general people’s knowledge of the subject begins and ends with ‘engine oil change’. However, when we are talking about the winter car maintenance steps, it’s always better to make sure you have everything in the garage for a smoother drive. Winter is the time that we all turn to the weather forecast before our morning drive to find out what god of weather conditions has in store. We all want to make sure keeping the vehicle in a great condition with timely replacement of aftermarket car parts and often prepare meticulously for that daily drive to work.

However, no matter how closely we think there is always something that is often overlooked when buying car parts and maintenance items from reliable online platforms like Partsavatar Ca. And so in this blog we would like to pay special attention on the top five often overlooked winter maintenance items.

Test the battery

No vehicle is complete without a properly maintained battery as you may face great trouble without it. A batter is the most critical component that powers the vehicle’s engine to ignite during those cool winter mornings. While there are least chances, but winter season may lead to battery drainage and in order to prevent being stranded and unable to work this winter, make sure you have battery load-tested. This is an amazing invention, allowing drivers to check the level of battery available, so make sure there’s plenty of time to purchase a new battery before the old one dies.

Check tire pressure & condition

Without a second thought in mind, vehicle tires play the most important role in a smooth drive and if your vehicle is not equipped with required tire pressure, then you may experience unwanted situations during the drive. Car tires lose a pound in pressure for every drop of 10 degrees in Fahrenheit. So it’s a must to keep a check on the tire pressure every time you leave for a trip or after every few days to make sure the vehicle is not consuming more fuel and to ensure their tires aren’t underinflated. Make sure you buy car safety equipments like tire pressure check device for a safer drive.

Replace windshield wipers

Most people believe that car wipers are only required for the rainy seasons, but it may be a wrong thought as the wintertime can be even difficult time without the windshields. Not only because they keep the unwanted water away from the windshields, but also help eliminate the fog that may hamper the driver’s vision. Keeping the windshields clean can be a particularly difficult time during the winters. Snow kicked-up from other vehicles and freezing rain can leave a lasting impression on windshields. This is the reason that windshields require extra attention during the winters to ensure optimal visibility. Timely replacement before the winter helps drivers to improve the safety of their winter-time driving. The stress of cleaning windshield can be eliminated if buying from a reliable online store like Partsavatar Ontario.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is something that can be dangerous, if not given proper care. Hence car drivers always should give extra care to the tires and the wheel alignment, ensuring everything is positioned correctly. The properly aligned tires ensure a straight and flawless riding experience. Try leaving your steering wheel sometimes while driving and check if the vehicle lags to the left or right, if it does then you should have a mechanic perform an alignment check.


The transmission is one of the most important reasons to the flawless driving experience, yet it is also overlooked by the drivers. It’s responsible for switching gears when the vehicle drives. This is important to make sure it is maintained properly to improve the effectiveness of the vehicle when you drive. A well-maintained transmission system can help prevent gears shifting hard as the speed increased. On the other hands, poor maintenance can cause a delay in shifting or no shifting at all. It can also become a hazard for you and those around you with time. Routine checkups can help ensure the proper care of the system, which also helps you save a lot of your money which you would pay later when the transmission system is damaged permanently.

Brake Fluid

Guess what would happen if there’s no braking system in your vehicle? Of course, it will not stop at all. The brake fluid is another most important thing that helps the efficiency of your vehicle. The braking system simply cannot work without a proper brake fluid in the vehicle. And because it helps to transfer force into pressure to improve the strength of brakes, it’s always better to check brake fluid after a certain period of time. Brake fluid change is an important decision and this is something that can’t be overlooked, especially if you are concerned about the safety off your loved ones during the drive.

And last but not the least, no matter how well your vehicle is performing it is always better to take it to the garage for regular check-up after a certain period of time. Get it analyzed by the professionals who not only check the vehicle’s mechanical system, but also the electronic set-up for flawless driving experience whenever you are on the road. Understanding the importance of regular car check-up is crucial for the drivers, allowing them to make sure the vehicle is working perfectly.

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