Transporting Your Valuable Car Safely and Securely


A racing car is a premium investment that represents a great deal of personal commitment. It is an investment that also requires a lot of maintenance and repair due to the nature of racing on the track. When race day comes, it is important that every car is in top shape and ready to go, but getting to the track can sometimes be more eventful than the race itself! Indeed, there are plenty of horror stories about racing cars being transported to a track and sustaining more damage from transport in the trailer than from the race itself.

Why a Tilt Deck Trailer Makes Sense

In the world of racing, getting every car to the track without a scratch is something that every owner strives for. This is why car trailers are used, but the fact is that not every trailer is created equal. Indeed, transporting a premium quality sports or racing car from one place to another is a very different proposition than transporting something like heavy machinery.

Wherever you find car transporter trailers for sale, you will usually find tilt trailers for sale too, but how do they differ from regular trailers? What benefits do they offer to the racing car owner over other types of trailers? Consider the following benefits:

  • More suited: The fact is that racing cars all sit low to the ground so that they are more aerodynamic. This also means that loading them onto regular trailers intended for other types of vehicles can be problematic. The difference between a tilt trailer and a regular trailer in this instance is that the tilt trailer can easily accommodate a low-to-the-ground sports or racing car. The trailer deck simply tilts to accommodate the car, enabling the car to be loaded without sustaining damage or running into any issues.
  • Safer: Anyone who has worked with regular trailers will tell you that they can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to loading. The ramps that need to be manually lowered can sometimes be a safety concern. By contrast, a tilt trailer is much easier to handle and presents a lower risk of injury to all involved.
  • Lower risk of damage: One of the biggest concerns when loading an expensive car onto a regular trailer is the width between the fenders. A trailer being narrow is not only problematic when loading a car, but can also cause significant damage to the car. This is the last thing that any owner of an expensive car wants to deal with, and will not only reduce the value of their investment, but can also cause issues during a race event. A tilt deck trailer features more width between the fenders, thus reducing the risk of any damage.
  • Easier to operate: The fact is that tilt deck trailers are simply easier to operate and more convenient to use for everyone involved. This is a big part of the appeal they provide.

Transporting Your Car Safely

If you have invested a lot of time and money in a race car, it is important that it is transported to the event safely, securely, and without injury to anyone involved.

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