What Does the MOT Test Cover


The Ministry of Transport test, also simply known as the MOT Test, is one of the most common vehicle tests that is carried out all over the UK. The test needs to be taken annually by vehicles that are over three years old. It’s one of the older vehicular tests in the country, having been introduced in 1960. Nowadays, it is a strict requirement for vehicles that are over three years old. In the beginning, the test was simply introduced to check the braking, steering, and the lights of vehicles that were ten years or older. However, over the passage of time, the test has evolved and is today quite comprehensive in terms of checking the vehicle.

During the MOT test, several important components of your vehicle will undergo testing to ensure they comply with legal standards. The test does not focus on the condition of the gearbox, the engine, or the clutch plates. If you reside in Stevenage, there are several different workshops that are legally authorised to carry out MOT tests. You can take your vehicle to any of these MOT test centres in Stevenage and get your vehicle checked out. Keep in mind that you will need to book the test beforehand. The test centre will give you a date and time for getting your vehicle checked. You can take your car to Pit Stop Motorist Centre to get your annual MOT testing done. Here are a few things the test covers.

What it Covers

The company will start off by testing the lighting and the indicators in your car to ensure that they are all working properly. If any of the indicators are not working or if there’s an issue with the lighting, it will be marked down. Next up, the MOT testers will check the steering and the suspension of the vehicle to ensure that the car is fit for driving. The brakes, tyres, and wheels of the vehicle will also be checked, as well as the functionality of the seat belts. After these essential items are checked, the body, structure, exhaust, and emissions of your car will be checked. The driver’s view of the road must not be impaired as well. You can book your MOT test at the Pit Stop Motorist Centre and get it done at a convenient time.

What Happens if You Fail?

In case your vehicle fails the MOT test, the testers will give you a list of different issues in your car that need to be fixed first before the test is carried out again. Unless your car passes the MOT test, it will be regarded as unfit to drive, and if you are caught driving on the roads, you could be fined for it. Most workshops that offer MOT testing services also provide automobile repairs, so you can get your car fixed there as well. The company will fix your car up for you and register you for the MOT testing again.

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