Tread Lightly with Old Tyres


Personal and commercial vehicles transport loved ones and precious cargo every day. For many, it is important that vehicles are safe on the road. Drivers can increase safety through careful and aware driving, inclusion of modern safety features, and regular maintenance and safety checks of parts and tyres.

Tyre Check and Maintenance

Tyres can be become damaged or worn for a number of different reasons. Uneven pavement and poor road conditions are common reasons tyres becomes unsafe. Improper inflation or air pressure and use from braking can damage a tyre over time. Owners can inspect their tyres for wear and tear by checking tyre pressure, checking the depth of each tyre’s tread, and confirming that there is no obvious external damage to the tyres.

However, the best way to ensure tyres remain road ready is through consistent check-ups by a trained professional. The range of services offered by East Sussex tyres centres focus specifically on tyre maintenance and replacement. These auto body centres will employ a team of tyre experts that are aware of the issues common to tyres and the appropriate repairs.

Changing Opinion on Rotation

For a long time, tyre professionals would regularly rotate the four (or more) tyres on a vehicle. It was believed that regular rotation resulted in the tyres wearing at the same pace, and thereby lengthening the life of all four tyres. However, views on this are changing, and often mechanics will fit the best tyres on the rear of the car for safety reasons.

Cost Concerns

As well as keeping vehicles safe on the road, consistent tyre checks, regular alignment of the vehicle, and tyre replacement when necessary are all cost saving mechanisms. Often, tyre centres will perform tyre safety and tyre pressure checks at no charge. This means that, if there is any doubt about the quality or condition of a tyre, it is worthwhile to take the vehicle to the professionals.

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