Useful Tips to Service Your Luxurious Car


Maintenance of the car is very important to keep it running smoothly without any trouble. The basic car maintenance tips surely help to keep the car running in a good condition. When you are new to driving, you should seek some car service tips or advice on repairing the windshield and other parts of the car to keep your precious car in good running condition always.

This is especially true when someone is the owner of a luxurious car like BMW. This is one of the best-manufactured cars on the highway. The BMW is not an economy car; this is a masterpiece of technology. The BMW 5 series price range is higher than $49,500. The expenses are high and the owner must be more concerned about the BMW service and take extra care towards its upkeep. By following a number of things an owner can extend the life of the car for some years. Here are some important tips provided to take better care of the luxurious car.

#1. Winter Maintenance

Winter care surely does not have to be very technical. Anybody who has been trapped in a snowstorm knows how annoying it is to be stuck in the snow. Some tools which are a must to have in the trunk are like a bag of a kitty litter for tire traction, the ice scraper for getting the ice from the windshield and also de-icing liquid. These will surely help at the time of an emergency. Tires must be checked to ensure the pressure is sufficient. BMW service can check the rotation of the tire, fluids especially the fluid of windshield washer.

#2. Spring and Summer

The BMW is normally used at the time of spring and summer. In warmer weather the cooling system of the car is very important.  It needs special care, so it is important that oil and oil filters must be checked during every service. The antifreeze must be tested so that it will prevent the coolant from boiling in the hot summers, and this will also help to prevent a problem when there is traffic congestion. The tire must be checked for pressure just like in winter so that it reduces the wear and tear of the tire.

#3. The Body and Interior

The exterior and the interior must receive attention because the BMW is a high-quality car. Untidy interiors or damaged dashboard is not acceptable. It is a good opportunity to wash the car during spring as it helps to examine extra damage that happened in the winter months. It may be scrapes of body paint or little stone cracks that usually require repairing or a damaged carpet due to excess dirt and salt. To get rid of this, use good quality rug shampoo. This will surely help to remove the salt and dirt that has collected in the material of the carpet. Oil must be changed after every 3000 miles and must be done at specified times during the year.

#4. Spark Plugs and The Air Filter

Spark plugs must be changed at particular intervals. The air filter should be inspected visually at the time of the oil change as well. The BMW will not alert you about these conditions so just ensure to bring the car occasionally to check the air filters and spark plug.

#5. Rubber Hoses and Gasket of Engine

At the time of checking tire also examine the rubber hoses and gasket of engines. Check carefully about faulty or cracked seals which lead to weakened performance and also the potential breakdown of the car.

Regular maintenance of your BMW will ensure that it gives you great mileage and runs smoothly without any problems.


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