What are HGV Reversing Warning Systems


Anyone who’s ever driven an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) will know the pearls involved when reversing; blind spots and a simple miscalculation of distance can prove very costly indeed.

Damage to the rear end of trucks and bay loading areas has been a continual source of expensive despair for many drivers and their companies.

Furthermore, out on the road drivers are often faced with tricky manoeuvres in county lanes, packed streets and driveways. Stationary objects such as walls, hedges and lampposts have been ‘repositioned’ on the odd occasion, by the gentle nudge of a trailer.

Back in the day, your mate Fred could yell directions whilst you squinted an ear out the driver’s window. Perfectly parked in the loading bay, but unfortunately whipped out a fire hydrant on your nearside.

The fact is, reversing an HGV’s is no easy task; errors in judgement can cost thousands of pounds in repairs, or worse still, severe injury to some poor unfortunate.

  • What types of systems are available?

Apart from Fred, there are a number of innovative reversing aids now on the market. Frequent any town and all day you’ll hear the beep, beep, beep of a lorry reversing. That’s a warning noise for hapless pedestrians to get out of the way! And so they should.

However the beep, beep alarm doesn’t tell the driver how far he or she is from crunching the Ford Escort behind. Of course, modern technology has that covered.

There are numerous HGV reversing warning systems that employ sensors which attach to the rear and sides of a lorry these will warn of the driver as the vehicle reverses toward an obstacle; by way of sound or flashing lights. The closer the impact the more strenuous the alarm.

This technology is now becoming standard in many vehicles regardless of their size.

Another rather flash development is the installation of rear facing video cameras transmitting to a screen within the driver’s view. Simple and effective, although perhaps a little distracting, you’ve got to keep an eye on those wing mirrors!

  • Where to get the best deals and latest equipment?

For further information your next stop should be to visit the Traffic Angel website.

Here you’ll find all the latest transport technology in one easy to navigate site. There are solutions to all kinds of potentially hazardous situations, with sensors manning all sides on the lookout for errant pedestrians, cyclists and of course that dammed wall.

Traffic Angel have an established track record in this particular field of technological advancement. What’s more they are a company with a ‘customer first’ attitude, helpful, informative and efficient. Their products are all tried tested and universally approved.

Take for example their bay protector warning and guidance system; it’s employed to the financial advantage of many trucking companies. Check out the detail and you’ll soon understand how effective and helpful this piece of equipment really is.

  • In conclusion 

Whether you’re a sole operator or in charge of a massive fleet, it makes sense to install effective reversing warning systems. In the long run you’ll save time, money and a whole load of anxiety.

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