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Wondering whether to sell it, trade it or scrap it? Here’s why scrapping your old motor is the best option when you’re looking to buy a new vehicle.

When the time comes to get rid of your old vehicle in favour of something faster, more economical, and easier on the eye, then you’ll probably wonder what to do with your old set of wheels. Unless you’re going to keep it as an extra car for a family member, or turn your old motor into a piece of art, then you generally have three tried-and-tested options available to you: you can sell it, trade it or scrap it.

Selling your car privately can be a good way to get a decent price for your vehicle, but it’s known to be time-consuming as you’ll need to advertise and then deal with potential buyers, either fielding phone calls or giving up hours of your weekend to meet with interested customers who then turn out to be time-wasters. On the other hand, trading your car in as a part-exchange deal offers a very convenient way to get rid of your wheels. However, trading your car in is widely acknowledged as not being a particularly profitable option.

Why Should You Consider Scrapping?

For these reasons, an increasing number of people are choosing to scrap their old cars instead. In fact, between six and seven million cars are sold in the UK every year, while around 2 million are scrapped. Convenience is a significant aspect of its popularity. You can simply call a reputable car disposal service who will give you a price for your vehicle and then arrange to come and collect your vehicle. The price that you’ll be offered for scrapping is usually at least the money that you would be offered in a part-exchange deal if you were to trade in, so there’s no loss there.

Protect The Environment

Some drivers worry about the environmental implications of scrapping their car, and it’s true that in the past there have been some unscrupulous companies linked to this industry. However, strict regulations have been brought into effect which mean that all car scrapyards must have a licence issued by the Environment Agency. Any car that is to be scrapped must be sent to an Authorised Treatment Facility which ensures the safe disposal of components such as battery acid, gearbox oil and various engine parts. Where possible, materials will be recycled and repurposed to produce very little waste.

Recent changes force all car scrapping services to pay by cheque or bank transfer rather than cash. This ensures that a paper trail is left which makes it much easier to regulate this industry.

What Do Drivers Need To Do?

If you wish to scrap your car, then contact a reputable service and obtain a quote. Once you have arranged for your vehicle to be disposed of, make sure that you gather documentation such as your driver licence or ID for identification purposes, the vehicle registration certificate and any sets of keys including the locking wheel nut key. You should also remove any personal belongings from your car.

It isn’t necessary to contact the DVLA, as the car scrapping service should do this for you, but you should contact your insurance company as you may be eligible for a partial refund.

If you’re excited about purchasing a new vehicle and getting rid of your old wheels is holding you back, then now is the time to consider scrapping.

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