What is Tipper Insurance?


If you own a shipping business that transports heavy duty, expensive goods using a tipper, it is must to secure the right insurance policy in place. Tipper insurance lets you have peace of mind whenever your vehicle is on the road, so it is a must to have it even before you operate your tipper for business.

Why tipper insurance is vital for haulage business

Typically, tippers are used in construction and civil engineering for they have huge capacities to haul large amounts of material from pickup point to site. If you are hired to do such tasks for clients, having something to fall back on is vital for your business’ financial health.

If your tipper has excellent driving history, it is possible to transfer the history into no-claims bonus depending on the insurance agency’s offerings. No-claims bonus is quite beneficial especially for new tipper operations. Ask your chosen agencies if they have this since it is not widely available.

Breakdown coverage

Breakdown coverage is a must for any heavy duty vehicle particularly those being used in construction. Drivers often use tipper trucks off road whenever they collect or deliver materials such as gravel, sand, and stone.

The level of wear and tear is immense for these vehicles. As a result, frequent breakdowns are expected. This also affects your reliability as a provider to construction/civil engineering clients. Having breakdown coverage in your tipper insurance not only provides peace of mind, but also possible services such as towing to a garage if your vehicle requires repair.

Continuity of coverage is crucial for your business

Just like many businesses, tipper vehicle services have peak and off-peak months in a year. Christmas and summer months are usually slow months, so you will need to negotiate with your agent to get continuity throughout the year.

Your part is to ensure that your tipper business is always booked each month or at least have long-spanning projects with clients. When your vehicle spends long time in the garage, you will end up losing money.

While it is challenging to find the perfect tipper insurance agency, first thing you need to do is to shop around and compare policies. Make sure to discuss with the agency your specific needs in order for them to come up with a proper quote.. What are you waiting for! Get Tipper Insurance Quotes online.

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