Lamborghini Ankonian Concept


This is the future Batmobile, at least this is what this concept car’s author hopes for. Slavche Tanevsky named its creation Lamborghini Ankonian and its design would certainly impress even the Pentagon.

The designer got the idea of creating this fearful looking car, after seeing the Batmobile from the latest Batman movie. Ankonian is based on Reventon, another Lamborghini, and is still in the concept phase.

The eccentric design has come to its final phase under strict supervision of Professor Dr. Othmar Wickenheiser and the designers from Lamborghini and Audi. The angular shapes, the thin OLEDs and the two big sized exhaust pipes make the car look like an alien.

And even if Ankonian doesn’t exactly fit in the entire sustainable development trend, the fact that Tanevsky proposes a middle-sized engine for it is the least that a supercar like Ankonian can do for the environment.

Ankonian has a narrow body, with a cab backwards classical GT silhouette, which ensure that the design will be modern even ten years from now. The shiny black and matte grey combination enhance the futuristic feeling, so we could see the car cruising on the streets in a decade from now.

Maybe, Lamborghini Ankonian will become real some day. Or, at least star in a Batman movie.

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