How to Get Rid of Your Old and Damaged Car

Damaged car on the road closeup in grey color

Do you have an old and damaged car parked outside your house? If the car was hit in an accident and you never got around to getting it repaired, what will you do with it? An old and damaged car is like a heap of junk, taking up space and ruining the aesthetic appeal of your place. After all, who wants to see a piece of junk parked outside their home? The body continues to corrode, while there might not be any internal parts left inside the car. The main reason why most people don’t get their old and damaged vehicles removed from their property is because they are worried about the costs of removal. If you are tired of looking at that piece of junk in your driveway or outside your house, the following guide will help you get rid of it in a trouble-free manner.

Call the Company and Discuss Details

Why spend money on a heap of junk when you can use it for something else? Calling a company that offers scrap car removal in Perth is the first thing that you should do when considering getting rid of your damaged car. There are several companies in the city that can help you remove the damaged car in a safe and secure manner, without even charging a penny! In fact, many companies will give you a price for the scrap metal that’s extracted from the car.

When you first call in a scrap car removal company, they will ask you for details about the model of the car and its condition. You can even send a picture to the company so that they can get a better idea of how to remove the car. Due to the rust and damage, the car might not be in a position that it can be towed away. That’s why most companies that offer scrap car removals maintain their own fleet of trucks that are fitted with powerful bin lifters. This makes it easy for the company to literally “lift” the whole scrap car from its position and shift it on to the truck. A lot of care is taken during the removal process to ensure that your property isn’t affected.

Environmental Concerns

If you have a heap of junk in your driveway that’s corroding away with time, you should call in a scrap removal company immediately. The car will just continue to collect dust and affect the environment. The company will set a date and time for the removal. They will visit your house with the specially fitted truck and lift the scrap car away. These companies generally take scrap cars back to the service station. There, they are processed, and all scrap metal is removed from the car. The company will weigh the scrap metal at the service station and give you a quote for the total price of the scrap vehicle. You can collect your money at the salvage station later on. The scrap metal can then be repurposed and used for something else.

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