Servicing Of The Mercedes Made Affordable And Flexible


Being the owner of a high-end, luxurious car like Mercedes is indeed a matter of pride. The beauty of this lady is indeed mesmerizing. And of course, it will be a pain to see her malfunctioning. We would always love to see her sinning down the roads, sparkling smooth and comfortably. However, the maintenance could pinch you a bit, but not exactly. As more and more people are riding Mercedes, there are more options these days in this segment for serving such premium segment cars.

You cannot afford to be lax on this and wait till it has a break down or needs some sort of repairs. You need to be punctual about the servicing to ensure this is as smooth as it is known for. Driving becomes a pleasure without any tensions. Servicing ensures that the parts which are worn out are replaced in a timely manner so that the engine is not affected in the long run.

Parameters for choosing A Service Center for the Mercedes

  1. Certified Professionals: Looking for servicing your Mercedes you need to make sure the technicians are certified for handling the model as this is not just any four-wheeler handled by service centers. There is special certification for handling these high-end vehicles. Besides which, with specific service center you are offered additional perks for the servicing of such segment cars.
  1. Quality Vs Cost: A service center wanting to cater to the servicing of a Mercedes is able to make the costs affordable and flexible which can help you save on some money. Make sure there is no compromise on the quality of services offered as this makes all the difference to your valued possession. The vendor should be using genuine spare parts and should have the know-how to replace them.
  1. Value for Money: You can look for service centers which can budget the servicing costs without charging interest by being able to fix the price of labor and parts for the coming two to three services. With this you are prepared what you will be paying for the next two to three sessions.
  1. Do extensive Search: You can look for Mercedes service centers and make a choice of the best deal offered by filling an online form with the registration of your car and also what is required to be done. These companies specify a quote and then you can decide if that works well for you.

Possible Options For The Payments Which You Can Explore Are:

  • Easy Installments: If you are unable to pay for the total servicing in one go, there are service center which give you an option to make the payments in easy installments. You have the option of paying monthly on the basis of the model of your car. Paying for two services can be done in 12 months or 24 months, 3 services in 12 months to 36 months, and 4 services in 12, 24, 36 and 48 months. This depends on your convenience. To add to the convenience, you can opt to pay by debit card on monthly basis and one of the payments can be done by cheque or the credit card.
  • Annual Maintenance plans: These centers offer you an option where you can sign up for a plan that includes the service parts recommended and the standard Mercedes items. These parts include air filters, spark plugs, screen wash, fuel filters and more.
  • Pre-paid maintenance: With the Pre-paid maintenance paid for in advance you are benefitted. This pre-paid maintenance works wherever you are, so, in case you relocate you do not have to go through the hassles again. The payment for this can be built into the cost of the payment made monthly for your vehicle.
  • Lease Purchase: If purchased with lease there is an increase in the residual value. Increase in the resale value since your Mercedes is maintained as required in accordance to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

There Are Several Benefits Of Servicing Your Mercedes:

This ensures regular Mercedes service for that comfortable ride on your amazing baby. Your service schedule should ensure your car stays in perfect condition with the required oil changes or filter changes. Further, when this premium segment car is in best hands, you can relax once you have ensured, that everything best is chosen. Therefore, it is vital to look for every parameter minutely before deciding the vendor for Mercedes car servicing.

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