What to Do When the Car Windscreen is too damaged for Driving


Melbourne traffic incidents are easily solved as the people involved can get quick help. However, incidents on roads outside of the city are much more different to deal with. It takes someone with great knowledge and the right connections in order to minimize the trouble and the time spent on the edge of the road. Also, there are countless situations in which the windscreen alone is so damaged that the driving simply cannot continue. Here’s what you can do in case your windscreen was so badly damaged that you cannot continue driving:

Stop driving

No matter how urgent the matter is, driving with a damaged windscreen can put your own life in danger. The windscreen is not a shield only; it supports the car roof and keeps you safe in case the car rolls over. It also has a huge impact on how the airbags function. Don’t risk it any further, it’s always wiser to stop and wait aside.

Contact a mobile glass repair and replacement service

This solution is ideal when you want minimal disruption and on-site windscreen replacement. Screen the existing mobile windscreens Melbourne services beforehand, so you know whom to call when you need this. If you signed up for an extended car insurance cover that includes roadside emergencies, you may benefit of a service of this kind by default. In such cases, you may also be able to call your insurer.

When you must drive at all cost

If reaching your destination is absolutely imperative to you and stopping is no option, then do what’s in your power to make it safe. Seal a broken windscreen with tape on the inside. Wear protective glasses and close all the car windows, so that the current does not further affect the broken glass. You need to keep it as stable as possible. Also, use tape over the cracks/chips too, so that no dust or other kinds of residue get in. The cleaner it stays, the easier it will be to have it repaired. Fix it on your own, but always stick to common sense. If the crack is too big and tape would obstruct your view, don’t use it. In most cases it’s safest to just stop driving.

Do not attempt to break the glass yourself

It has happened that drivers stopped to smash the remaining glass of a badly damaged windscreen, hoping to get rid of it and have a clear view for the remaining distance. This is a very risky business and no one should attempt it. Regular glass is dangerous and windshield glass is much more frustrating… at best! It’s thick and sturdy, so your efforts will be huge, not to mention it will create a mess. Driving with a smashed glass is also extremely unsafe, so simply stop and wait for help.

If you need to replace the old windscreen, opt for a laminated glass type. You may feel attracted to cheaper options, but there should be no room for compromising. If it happened once, it can happen again. Laminated glass comes in two distinct layers, with a thin clear plastic sheet between them. When the exterior layer is broken, the shards won’t reach you because the plastic sheet has a protective role. Be informed and choose a good substitute.

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