What to Wear on Your Sport Bike


Sports bike riders know how to put a cycle through its paces. Riding hard is a given as you push the envelope in search of extra speed or better handling. However, throwing caution to the wind is not an option, and you’re smart enough to know you need the protection of motorcycle gear, such as leather sport bike jackets that can help protect you from bumps, bruises and worse. Here are some essential pieces to wear while you’re riding.

1. Jackets

Leather jackets are the ultimate in cool, on and off a bike, and are a traditional favorite of riders everywhere. But there are plenty of other materials used in today’s jackets that look good, and more importantly, offer great protection. Neoprene is a thin, rubber that resists heat and oil, while ballistic nylon is especially anti-abrasive. You’ll find these and other materials in sport bike jackets from Joe Rocket, Fly Racing, Alpinestars and other top brands. Additional features include removable liners and pockets with removable armor at knees, shoulders, elbows and spine.

2. Gloves

Gloves are a no-brainer. Not only do they help you maintain a good grip on the bars, but they also safeguard tender fingers, your most-used body parts. Whether you prefer open or closed fingertips, many gloves offer features you’ll enjoy, such as these:

  • Knuckle and palm protection
  • Finger gussets for flexibility
  • Easy open and close
  • Waterproof
  • Snug fit

Five Stunt’s Evo glove have knuckle protection shells and carbon-fiber palms, while Joe Rocket’s Sub-Zero gloves are wind- and waterproof. Other features you’ll find in different gloves include breathable mesh, touchscreen-compatible fingertips and side reinforcements that aid your grip.

3. Boots

Boots are available to suit any style, from below-knee to ankle-high riding shoes that you won’t have to change out of when you’re done for the day. Icon’s Elsinore boots are made with a nod to traditional motocross boots and feature internal steel shanks and metal heel plates with leather uppers. For easy riding, Fly Racing has some stylish shoes that are breathable yet waterproof with a crush-resistant sole, reinforced heel and toe box, ankle protectors and more. If you’re new riding or just different boot styles, you may wonder how should motorcycles boots fit? A reputable reseller will have that information for you.

4. Helmets

Helmets too, come in many different styles, including half, three-quarters and full helmet, each with a wealth of protective features. Look for moisture-wicking interior materials and built-in airflow features, including vents, to help you remain cool while riding, as well as anti-fog face shields and fiberglass shells that make them lightweight and easy on the neck. Many helmets also feature some eye-popping graphics that let you make a statement, and are compatible with Bluetooth technology.

Browse for New Gear

With the variety of styles, protective features and materials available, you can customize your safety gear by choosing the features that matter most to you. From leather sport bike jackets to boots, gloves and more, motorcycle parts stores can outfit you for whatever type of riding you choose to do. Browse a reputable online site for your new riding gear, and be sure to look for one with a no-hassle return policy in case the fit is not right.

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