Best tips on how to prepare your car for summer


The influence of high temperatures and direct sunlight is dangerous for many vehicle systems and parts. Uneven fading of the paint layer, cracks in plastic parts as well as overheating of the engine and failure of the brakes – and these are just some of the problems caused by heat. This is why the vehicle needs additional protection in the summer, below we explain how to ensure this and explain the peculiarities of car use in hot weather.

What to do before the summer season 

Keep an eye on the cooling system. In the heat, this works under excessive stress, as a high ambient temperature quickly influences the heat exchange processes very negatively. It is also very important that all elements work properly: the pump, the Thermostat, the sensors and also the fan. Otherwise, the engine may overheat. For this reason, the coolant level should also be checked and refilled to the required level. Hoses, pipes and connections should also be inspected: their malfunction can be detected by refrigerant leaks. An insufficient level of this liquid deteriorates the efficiency of the entire system

One of the most important things that you should check is shock absorbers. After winter you have to check them carefully, they can be damaged due to low temperatures in winter, in case them not in good condition then we advise you to find some reviews and choose the best shock absorber for your car.

Clean the cooler

Its efficiency is proportional to a blown-in area. For this reason, radiator cells should be freed from dust, fabric and insects. To do this, the device must be disassembled and washed with pressurized water. These procedures should be left to professionals.

Implementation of air conditioning diagnostics

The well-being and attention of the driver depending on the temperature in the cabin, which directly affects road safety. The diagnosis of the system can be carried out independently by simply estimating the air-cooling efficiency. If any malfunctions or unpleasant odours are detected in the cabin during the operation of the air conditioning system, you will need to contact specialists to arrange troubleshooting and remediation

Ensuring the usability of the brake fluid

It is a water-absorbing liquid. The boiling temperature decreases if too much water is contained. This is particularly dangerous under high-temperature conditions, as it leads to loss of braking effect

Installation of summer tires. If your vehicle is equipped with winter tires, then you should quickly replace them with summer tires. Because the winter tires quickly become extremely soft when in contact with hot asphalt and then wear out too quickly. Due to the characteristics of the profile design, which is characterized by a large number of grooves and slats, the road adhesion characteristics are worse than with summer tires. In addition, insufficient stiffness leads to a deterioration of driving behaviour

Replace the air and interior filters

The dust concentration in the air increases with increasing heat. Clogged filter elements cannot clean them, resulting in a loss of engine power and an increase in fuel consumption. As for the passengers in the passenger compartment, these unpleasant odours, fogging of the windows and the growth of malignant bacteria can be observed.

Tinted Windows

The influence of direct sunlight is dangerous for parts of the interior: plastic elements become sensitive to cracks, rubber parts lose elasticity, leather dries, colour fades, adhesive joints dissolve. A tint can solve this: it blocks up to 99% of UV rays. It can also reflect up to 63% of the sunlight, preventing the cabin from overheating. However, when choosing a film, a light transmission must be taken into account. The latter should comply with the standards and characteristics that apply in the legislation of the respective country.

Purchase special accessories. A special light-reflecting disc with suction cups protects the dashboard from sunlight when parking. A body cover helps to avoid damage to the outer elements.

Tips on vehicle use in summer

Always try to park in the shade. Because if you are planning long-term parking, you should note that the shadow moves with the sun. If there is no such possibility, open the windows on both sides: the air circulation significantly lowers the temperature inside. Turn the steering wheel so that the upper part is at the bottom. This will allow you to hold the cool area in your hands while driving.

If the car has been in the sun for a long time, open the doors before you start driving to ventilate the cabin. Then turn on the air conditioner and gradually increase your performance. After the temperature has gone down, you can set the air conditioning to a minimum and start the journey.

Use Sun Visors 

They not only prevent the dashboard from heating up but also protect the driver’s eyes from blinding light, which increases driving safety.

Remove dirt in time. This applies in particular to bird droppings: it contains organic acids that destroy the paint and varnish layer. Chemical reactions are faster under the influence of very high temperatures.

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