Why Have Modern Cars Turned Boring?


Have you ever thought your car being boring? Looks an inappropriate question to ask really. I mean how a ride can be boring, only a driver car can be boring. Well, this is true. It was at the time when Toyota Camry and Ford F-Series were the top selling cars in the US.

However, that changed. These cars were pretty run-of-the-mill and weren’t boasting any style statement. The question asked was why weren’t there anymore cars which would make a person rejoice in awe? The reason lies with feds, to be honest.

As per the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they are the ultimate authority and have been made in charge of motor vehicle regulations. There is no car, which doesn’t comply with road standards, can come out on the road unless vetted by these feds.

Therefore, if the automobile manufacturers were to develop a car which even floats on water, if it fails to pass these tests they are not letting it out on the roads. So what is the point of developing such a technically sound car? Right? The compliance with safety protocols is a must!

Now another reason why we don’t see awe-inspiring and provocative cars jp auto auction on the road because they are too expensive to manufacture. According to some stats they makers are not earning 20k on your purchase of 25k so you do the math. They are not making enough profit to invest back into business.

Giants like Toyota are making USD 2,000 on the sale of their cars whereas other manufacturers are making less than USD 1,000. Thus, why would a manufacturer’s accounting department give green signal to invest in designing super cool cars?

But so far we have made a generalization. The boring in the car does not solely relates to its super cool design or high end performance but rather on the features you settled for, mainly because you couldn’t see what the dealer was hiding underneath or that bank account of yours which didn’t allow you to purchase a high end ride either.

So if you want to get more real as to why there is a dearth of awesome looking vehicles. It is owed to in part to the plastic tacks (small clip towers). It is those pieces of plastic which are being held by these tacks. Engineers spend a considerable time on it but they aren’t the ones deciding on how the car will look.

Neither they are responsible for the specifications that goes into automobile manufacturing. They just spend to time to figure out what if these plastics were to fall off when the looks and specifications will come to pass? That is there major concern.

If it is styling we are to talk about then it is a debatable topic. Some are downright stupid and boring designs. That’s all on the designers/stylists who are preventing cars TAA auction house from looking great.

So what really stands in their way of creative genius or are they deliberately doing this? The former is true because governments, accounting and engineering stands in their way. Since the requirements are constantly being updated and new compliance measures are being drafted, it is difficult to keep up with them as today they become irrelevant.

For the engineers the challenge has become insurmountable as well. The chassis are now required to be extremely strong for a stronger body. Similarly, this led to a challenge for airbag suppliers as well because under a test crash simulation with toughened car bodies drivers’ head moved diagonally instead of front-to-back or side-to-side, for that matter.

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