Why you must not skip buying armour while buying bike accessories?


Biking is probably one of the coolest activities known to mankind. However, the cool factor comes with the potential possibility of danger too. This is why it is imperative that one gets the proper armour to protect themselves while enjoying this cool sport.

Biking is always a rage! Whether the times are old or new, biking is, and always will be a really manly and cool sport. However, biking and extreme sports that involve biking may prove to be dangerous too. Thus, it is in a biker’s best interest to protect himself (or herself) with proper body armour. There are various types of armour out there today like Forcefield Armor which helps for this very purpose.

You work if your brain works

It is always advisable to protect your head since it houses the most important organ you have – the brain. The brain motors all activity in our body, and all other bodily functions. Thus, it is a good idea to keep our heads protected.

Thus, helmets are a good investment. In the case of a rash road accident, or even a minor fall, the helmets keep our heads protected. Protecting our skull means protecting our brain, and this inevitably means protecting ourselves. Thus, protecting our head from possible biking accidents is a wise decision that bikers should have the foresight to make.

Your vision is important.

Most helmets come with a protective glass shield for the face. This is really important to protect our eyes and even our faces. When on a bike, there are chances of dry wind or dry bits of road and gravel getting into our eyes or cutting our faces. The visor on helmets acts as a shield from the onslaught of wind and debris. Thus, it is a good idea to invest in a helmet when buying biking accessories.

Protect your body

Motorcycle jackets are also excellent body armor. It is true that motorcycle jackets add a certain cool factor to the appearance of a biker. But bikers do not wear these jackets just to make a fashion statement.


Motorcycle jackets come in various textile blends. These blends make sure that the material in breathable, so that one does not experience discomfort or claustrophobic while wearing them for longer periods of time. The jackets also protect the rider from rain and cold weather and regulate a biker’s body temperature.

Thus, for bikers who especially like to ride on hilly terrains, this jacket is both a fashion statement and protection from the cold. Therefore, one should seriously consider investing in such a product.

A cushioning effect

Motorcycle jackets also come with protective padding. This acts as body armour. In the case of a fall or a grave accident, the biker’s body is protected against injury to the best of the body armour’s ability.

Thus, it is a good idea to invest in body armour while shopping for biking accessories. It is also important to remember to invest in reliable brands such as Forcefield Armor. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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