An Overview Of Apache


Technology is daily updating the already present stuff in our lives and it’s the same technology which is stepping towards innovations. When we pay a look at the new bikes so we would be stunned by their amazing featuring. In the same way, apache rtr 200 is an innovative piece from the world of technology. This model covered many aspects of your need and give you a comfort ride. There are many features which are added to this bike to make your ride comfortable. However, an overview of different key factors about this bike has been illustrated below:

The Beauty of Engine

The engine of apache comes along with fabulous features and up gradation. There you can find that the engine is so powerful and its power is 21 PS at 8500 rpm. The engine is 4 stroke and it will experience you the nicest ride. The bike is consisted upon 200 cc so you can find the best speed. The torque is about 18 Nm with 7000rpm. These all ingredients make the engine delightful and finest.

Fuel Kind

The bike is economical and it’s not costly to bear the expense of this bike. You can find that it can give the mileage of 35 kmph along with the speed of 129 kmph. This will make you allow to have the bike either you are rich or poor.


The bike is designed by the professionals and there are many changes which are made here. you can find the apache 200 rtr photos which will really give you suitable access. You can find the beauty of this bike by the first look. In that regard, each and everything will be so nicest for you. Such cuts are added here which shape to this bike and give the rider the nicest experience.


You might be thinking about some heavier digits about the prince of this bike but the story is not like that. Apache rtr 200 price is not much costly and you have to pay only about $1500 to get this bike.

This is an overview of some features of this bike but you can also find many other features by experiencing.

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