Camping Generators: How To Choose And More Useful Tips


Back in the day camping trips were really all about roughing it up in the wilderness. Campers had to sleep inside tents and only had the embers of a dying fire as their constant source of light. The flashlight would always be the best friend during the dark of night, but camping today is very different. Luxury camping is now a big trend and it doesn’t just apply to people with state of the art RVs.

No, with handy and well-chosen camping generators ready to provide electricity and power to a camping site, there is no need to stress about dark and cold nights in the woods. Here’s how to choose the right generator and other helpful tips about the machine you can use:

Types of Generators

There are generally three types of camping generators to choose from. Each of them have their purpose and uses. Here’s a quick look at the choices:

Recreational Generators – These are the smallest machines available and are best used for short camping trips and other outdoor recreation activities. These are small and portable and hardly consume storage space. The larger versions are a little bulkier, but they can power an AC unit.

RV Generators – These generators are best used by recreational vehicles and for larger campsites. They are big and powerful enough to run an AC unit while at the same time giving power to smaller electronic devices. The catch with these generators it that they are designed to be a permanent part of an RV.

Towable Generators – The largest generator type that can be used by more than one family in a campsite requires its own trailer for towing. These are expensive, very bulky, and require a lot of fuel. These are also known as standby generators because they are often used to power homes, farms, and constructions sites when there a power line failure.

The type of generator to bring on a camping trip will depend on how reliant the campers are on the machine. Smaller generators are handy and provide the most basic of power needs, great for giving a little light and comfort during a trip to the great outdoors.

How To Properly Use A Generator

The key to maximizing the use of a portable generator is knowing how to properly use them. Abusing the machine will lead to a breakdown and a loss of investment. Here are quick generator usage tips to remember when camping:

Clean the machine regularly – Check the filters and the tube for any debris, dirt, and other blockages before bringing it on the trip.

Always bring extra fuel – Having extra fuel is a must on a camping trip. Having excess is always better than finding yourself out in the dark without power from your generator.

Share the power – A large generator is expensive, but when you can share the expenses and experience with friends, it will be a good investment!

Camping is a great way to unwind and relax away from the stress of everyday life. Having a generator in tow means you don’t have to give up small luxuries. Find the right camping generator today and fall in love with the outdoors once more, but this time with more light.

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