How to Plan the Perfect Car Audio System for Your Vehicle


Car audio systems have improved dramatically in the past decade. New technology has provided car owners with more options, which creates more a challenge when choosing car audio parts. Here are a couple simple suggestions to help you plan the perfect car audio system.

The Main Components of a Car Audio System

The best car audio system suppliers in Peterborough will have everything that you need to build your new system. You first need to decide which parts to include in your new system. The main components of a car audio system include:

  • The head unit
  • The amplifier
  • Speakers
  • Woofers and subwoofers
  • Power cables and speaker cables

The main consideration is the head unit or deck. Most decks contain a CD player and radio receiver. You can also find head units that connect to external sources such as smartphones and MP3 players.

Set a Budget and Start Shopping for Parts

With an understanding of the components that you require, you can start shopping for parts. However, you should first set a budget for your new system.

You should also create a list of features that you want the deck to have. Commonly sought features include USB input, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and LCD displays. You should pay attention to the power output as this will determine the available power for speakers.

Some head units have a built-in amplifier. This may not offer enough power for the speakers you want. A separate amplifier allows you to choose from a greater range of speakers.

Full-range speakers are commonly found in factory car audio systems. To cover a wide range of sounds, you will want specialised speakers including tweeters, subwoofers, and midrange speakers.

Using these suggestions, compare car audio parts and plan your new sound system.


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