Easy To Install Guide For Car Window Decals


Designing the window decal is the most difficult part of the process. You need to take the perfect dimensions of the car window and choose the right design. You must always keep the purpose highlighted. Some use the car sticker for decorative purpose while some use for promotion of products. In any case, you must be very careful in incorporating only that detail that is relevant. Cluttering the decal with too many detail ruins its look.

Having designed and cut the window stickers next come the installation stage. Though it may sound difficult but it is very easy if you follow a simple guide. You can get the best of car stickers at http://www.originalpeople.net. To get the perfect look, you must be very careful while installing the sticker. Professional installation guide is as follow:

Clean the surface

Take some time out to clean the surface of the window thoroughly. Make use of a good glass cleaner to remove the stains and other dirt. Clean around the wipers and handles too. Do not miss on the edges which can be a difficult place to clean. Wait for some time so that the surface gets completely dry.

Center point

Make use of the measuring tape and get the center point of the rear window. Place the window decal; at the so marked center point. Using tape fix on the position. Now stand at a distance and figure out the correct position. Make sure that the current position is correct.

Fix it

If you are sure that the position is right, and then removes the stuck tapes. Now it’s time to stick the decal directly on the surface. Remove the back of the sticker carefully. When sticking, swipe from the center to the outward. This is actually done to remove the air bubbles. But usually the car sticker that comes with perforation will not develop air bubbles. Nevertheless it is better to swipe from center to outward.


After placing the sticker completely on the surface now it’s time to trim. The complete sticker may cover the entire car window though the design is fitting the actual size. You must be careful at this stage as any mistake will ruin the design. The excess design that goes over the required space has to be trimmed. Make use of a razor or knife to carefully trim the design according to the required size.

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