Used car shopping in Norfolk? Your search is over


More and more people are choosing to purchase used cars nowadays.  The main attraction is their low price, but used cars come with many risks also. You may never know the car’s history, and you may end up taking a vehicle of rather low quality home.

Still, looking for reliable used cars for sale in Norfolk can be a nightmare. There’s the endless trekking around showrooms and people’s homes, never feeling 100% sure about the car’s history, or even being pushed into a sale you aren’t 100% happy with.

Luckily for you, Abbeygate Cars Attleborough is here to help.

Abbeygate stock a wide array of used vehicles, with the intent of stocking one to suit every taste, lifestyle, and budget. A range of manufacturers make an appearance on the shop floor, including Mini, Vauxhall, and Mazda.

They only stock the finest of used cars; each and every one checked by a team of experienced technicians and engineers.

It’s often hard enough enough being able to afford a used car, never mind a new one. Thankfully, Abbeygate have teamed up with Santander to provide a range of finance packages, which makes buying a used car miles easier. If you’ve had a negative credit history, and have been turned down when purchasing a used car in the past, Abbeygate may be the solution.

If you have an old car which you wish to get rid of, Abbeygate also offer the option to part exchange.

Abbeygate also have an exciting new Car Spa, where professional valeters can give your car a range of treatments including various washes, polishes, and interior cleaning.

Their showroom is based in Attleborough, Norwich, and is easily accessible by both major and public transport links.

To book a viewing appointment, or for more information on buying a used car with Abbeygate Cars, contact them today.

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