How to Keep Your Car Maintained – Go to Car Detailing Business People

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The act of cleaning, shining, smoothening and waxing a car thoroughly in order to showcase its quality and beauty is known as “car detailing”. It is done inside – out to cover every area of the car. The primary purpose of car detailing is to improve or renew the paint work of the vehicle by removing mild scratches and twirl marks that the car may have acquired as a result of use over a period of time. These scratches often make the cars look unattractive when light is focused on them. You should know that car detailing not only improve the car’s beauty but also maintains the car quality in case you decide to sell it in the future.

Car detailing can be done for personal contentment as well as in preparation for car rallies in where your car is to be displayed. The outer part of the car has to be properly and thoroughly washed to reduce dirt and contaminants to the barest minimum.

Getting a car detailing isn’t difficult, all you need do is to get in touch with @ The Car Wash, your leading car detailing service provider. The detailing is done from the interior to the exterior. In the case of exterior detailing, the car is cleaned in order to reveal the shiny appearance of the cars’ paint. The windscreen, windows, tyres and every concealed spot are not left out.

Procedures For Car Detailing

Once your car gets to the car detailing shop, exterior detailing is first carried out after which interior detailing is done. The car undergoes the following procedures;

  • It is taken to the wash bay for thorough cleaning. The cleaning includes the tyres, doorjamb, grills, wheels, bumper and every other concealed area. Special care is given to the tyres to ensure that every trapped particle is removed from the tyre.
  • Assessment of the car paint is then carried out. This enables them to determine the method and choice of products which will be used to polish your car in order to make the paint finish appear original.
  • Different types of polishes, power buffers and foam pads are then used to eliminate scratches and other forms of blemish on the car paint. This procedure leaves your car with a smooth, shiny and flawless finish that makes it look brand new.
  • Following polishing, is waxing of the paint surface. This protects the paints from weather elements and dirt.
  • A single or double polish coat is then applied to the outer car parts by hand.
  • This last step for exterior detailing involves polishing all exterior fixings and rubber pieces of your car. This includes the car door handles, rubber window fixings and lastly the glass.
  • The next step is the interior detailing. This involves cleaning the inner parts of the car to remove every stain from the interior covering by vacuuming, brushing, steam cleaning and liquid cleaning.

It takes about 24 hours to get a complete detailing but it lasts for about 8 – 12 months.

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