Making Money on Your Totalled Car


If you have a vehicle that is very old and no longer functional or if something has happened to it to make it non-functional, you might think there’s nothing you can do with it. When the price for repairing a vehicle becomes greater than the value of the vehicle, it is said to be totalled. At that point, an insurance company will likely attempt to repossess the vehicle since it is worthless to you. In truth, it’s not actually worthless, and you should not let the insurance company take it from you.

Totalled but Not Worthless

Automobiles are unique in that they are actually worth more than the sum of their parts. That means that selling each individual part of your vehicle will net you much more money than it would to sell the entire vehicle. Therefore, a vehicle that is not in good shape might not be worth very much money but the individual parts of the vehicle are still very worthwhile.

That’s why you should sell your vehicle to car breakers in Avon. Selling your vehicle to breakers means that they will strip your vehicle to sell the parts. Should you try to sell the parts yourself or sell your entire vehicle to a breaker?

Sell to a Breaker

Selling your vehicle to a breaker will be your most cost-effective option. Selling your vehicle to a breaker is cost-effective because you don’t have to do much work aside from taking your car to the breaker. Furthermore, there is infrastructure and effort involved in selling parts; you need to have a website and a storefront that is sometimes very expensive.

If you don’t have the energy or the skills to start a business selling your individual car parts, you should just sell it to a breaker. They’ll give you much more than you would get from the insurance company or a scrap metal yard.

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