If you livein Northern Ireland:Car insurance in Northern Ireland


Car insurance in Northern Ireland is more expensive than in the UK. However there are many ways to bring down that heft annual or monthly premium, read the guide below of tips and advise on saving big when it comes to car insurance renewal in the North of Ireland.

First piece of sound advise is to shop around and compare quotes from multiple brokers based in NI. In 2012 after a 73% increase in car insurance premiums in a space of only 2 years it was time for an official investigation into the reasons. Why should your address make you the victim of sky high prices from highway robbing brokers? Well maybe that is a bit strong but the outcome was lower rates for fall.

Some reasons given were that a higher number of single carriageways roads and poor lighting all increase the risk of accidents followed by an insurance claim. The legal costs may also be a reason for the inflated prices with Northern Irish judges giving higher payouts than in the UK , which naturally results again in the need to have higher premiums

1 Maximum Security: All immobilizer and park your car securely in garage e or under street lighting.

2 Drive carefully and be considerate at all times to other road users, give way act as if were a pedestrian.

3 Regular services to ensure all your car safety features are 100 percent.

4 Avoid long journeys or if you must plan breaks every 90 minutes or better still share the driving.

5 Avoid if possible driving in twilight as statistics show this is the most common time for both minor and major road accidents in Northern Ireland.

6 Pay annually, this again will reduce your NO car insurance premium .

7 If your family has more than one car take out fleet insurance as again this will result in a cost saving.

8 Shop around for car insurance in Northern Ireland with comparative web sites.

9 Apply and do an advanced driving test as this a sure way to get a cheaper quote.

  1. stay at home , that was a joke with a hint of truth the theory being if you drive less than 2,000 miles per year this may be taken into consideration by the broker agency.

The above 10 tips will if followed result in savings maybe substantial on your auto insurance cover requirements in NI. Stay alter and stay awake when behind the wheel of an automobile. We hope theis article give you fuel for thought on how to a thrifty customer when it comes to buying auto cover in the North of Ireland.

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