What to Expect When Your Vehicle Is Serviced


If you are not a mechanic, you probably do not understand much about the way that vehicles work. That is okay. You do not have to understand. However, the confusing part is when you get a bill for a car part or service. You may not understand what was wrong or what happened. Having a basic knowledge of what is involved in servicing your vehicle can help you be prepared to understand what is happening.

When Should My Vehicle Be Serviced?

While there is no definite timeframe for service, you should definitely have your car serviced every 40 thousand kilometres that you travel. Depending on your daily traveling, the amount of time that passes between services can differ. However, you should never wait longer than a year and a half to have your vehicle serviced, even if it has not hit that 40 thousand kilometre mark.

How Long Should Service Take?

If nothing major is wrong with your vehicle, your car should be serviced in an hour to an hour and a half. However, if a problem is discovered, the service time could take longer.

What Is Involved?

A general service includes several important steps that help you take care of your vehicle and maintain its performance. Your oil will be replaced. Oil helps lubricate your engine’s parts and remove heat. If the oil is old and has dirt chunks in it from performing its job, new oil will allow it to perform better. The mechanic will also make sure that you have enough coolant, so your engine will not overheat. Along with these steps, various parts will be inspected when you have jeep service in Dubai. Your mechanic will do the following things:

  • Inspect belts
  • Inspect hoses
  • Check brakes and brake fluid
  • Check battery
  • Inspect air conditioning
  • Check transmission
  • Check steering
  • Test lights
  • Check windshield wipers
  • Check air and filters

While some of these parts may not seem very important, they all play an integral part in keeping you safe while driving. If your windshield wipers are slow, this can cause you to lose visibility if it is raining, and the probability of getting in an accident rises. This type of inspection should be done regularly.

What Happens If Something Is Wrong?

If the mechanic tests your vehicle and finds something is not working, they will generally replace the part. You will be charged the cost of replacement. However, you’ll need that part replaced in order for the car to pass inspection anyway. If you need a part replaced, it may take longer than the typical 60-90 minutes a general inspection takes. Once your vehicle has had any parts replaced that need replacing, it will be ready to go.

In the end, the process of having your vehicle serviced is not as daunting as you may have first imagined. Mechanics are fully knowledgeable in their fields and will do their best in making your vehicle run its best.

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