Three Common Car Body Repairs


When you experience a dent to your car body, notice paint scratches, or otherwise discover that your car is damaged, you may be surprised to discover that repairs can vary wildly in cost. Having the right auto insurance in place should help you to cut down on costs, while knowing what calls for repair will help you prepare for the future.

Dented Bumper

Whether on the front of back of your car, a dented bumper is no simple fix. Perhaps you were pulling out of your parking space at work and were hit by another car or hit a patch of ice on the road and struck the person in front of you. Whatever caused the dent, car body repairs in Macclesfield are easier to handle when you prepare yourself for this situation early. Dents in your bumper may be hiding worse damage underneath and you do not want to be on the road when your bumper suddenly decides to fall off. Get repairs as soon as possible to ensure that all is well.

Deep Paint Scratches

Shallow small scratches can be fixed with a simple wax and some DIY options, but deep paint scratches require an expert touch. Whether the scratches were placed there on purpose or by accident, having them repaired will keep your car looking beautiful. The right professionals will perform the repair at a cost-effective price and have your car returned to you shortly.

Cracked Windshield

No one enjoys a cracked windshield, but a single rock on the road can cause serious damage at any moment. When you spot a small crack or chip in your windshield, it is in your better interest to have it repaired immediately. Winter is just around the corner, and defrosting your car can exacerbate a crack or chip into a serious problem. What was once the size of a penny might suddenly spiderweb across your entire windshield, making it dangerous to drive. Therefore, having body repairs done early will keep you safe and content on the road.


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