Top 5 Mountain Bikes that can replace Mahindra Mojo


When mountains are calling, you just need to pack up your bags and go for a long ride not bothering much about the weather or rough terrains. You should choose the best bike for yourself to ride on the mountains. Mahindra Mojo is one of the best bikes to ride on the mountains without bothering about the sharp turns or poor weather. This bike will provide every type of comfort that you are looking for while going to the mountains. Mountain trips are always memorable one’s and if you are also planning one of those and Mahindra Mojo Price is coming your way then we will advice you other beast in the same category. Now let’s have a look in top 5 mountain bikes that can surely beat or replace Mahindra Mojo.

Royal Enfield – Himalayan

Royal Enfield is one such bike which can accompany you anywhere in the world whether it is a rainy place, mountains, rough tracks or highways. These bikes are specially designed for the longer routes only. But now the company has launched Himalayan model designed purposefully for the mountain tracks only. The craze for Bullets and mainly Himalayan can surely replace Mahindra Mojo in no time. This bike has the ground clearance 220mm meant for crossing deep rivers or crossing bigger rocks.

The dimension for front wheelbase is 21inches and rear one is 17 inches comfortable for any type of surfaces. The silencer is also placed on some height so that you can easily cross rivers. It has the comfortable sitting height and headlamps are placed higher than the previous models. It also consists of enough space for keeping the luggage without any inconvenience. The engine quality is really great for taking it on the mountains easily.

Bajaj Avenger Street 220

Bajaj has also launched the two models; street 220 and street 150 giving it a sporty look and comfortable riding on mountains and rough tracks. If you are not satisfied with the Mahindra Mojo price, then Avenger Street 220 is the bike for you.

It is a light weight bike with a ground clearance of 169mm. It has the fuel tank measuring 14L. It contains the front telescopic suspension with anti friction bush. Its engine and capacity of producing maximum power and torque makes it perfect for riding on the mountains.

Ducati Scrambler

This high price Ducati bike is surely a thing to look at and is purely a beast for the mountains. If you can spend little above 6 lakhs then this is the bike for you to take it to the mountains with its high durability, comfortable riding, reliability and you can bet anything and everything on this bike easily.

Kawasaki KLX250SF

This model from Kawasaki was launched in 2009 and had been awarded many times for its high altitude durability. Its light weight, and designed especially for the mountain tracks makes it one of the best in this category.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM is the latest style statement among the youth nowadays because of its light weight, sporty design, comfortable riding on any surface. All the models of KTM can easily be taken to the mountains but KTM 390 duke is one such bike which can leave Mahindra Mojo behind in all aspects. The tyres of this bike are designed in such a way that they are highly durable on rough surfaces as well.

Its frame, telescopic fork, brakes and swing arm are all so comfortable and reliable for taking it to the mountains or any rough weather place anytime.  It also contains the ABS technology and its price is little over 2 lakhs. Its lighter weight and 373cc engine are enough to describe its reliability on the mountains.

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